Websites are like puzzles. Each puzzle has its own pieces that need to be placed in the right spot. You can't jam random pieces together and expect to end up with the picture.

Shaun is a web designer/developer who specializes in web layout/interface design and HTML/CSS development.

Visually, his work is simple, elegant, and focuses on delivering a clear message to users. Under the hood, he strives to create code that optimized for performance and easy to maintain.

Shaun currently works on front-end web and UI development as a Software Engineer for The Cobalt Group.


mindseyemultimedia.com was designed in Adobe Photoshop and coded in Macromedia (Adobe) Dreamweaver.

The site is coded to conform to accepted web standards and to comply with HTML 5 and CSS 3.0 specifications.

The site is hosted by Netfirms and uses web analytics scripts by Google.