Previous Work

Shown below are examples of some of the projects that Shaun has previously worked on.

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As a front-end developer at Epson, Shaun has been assigned to work on various web projects for Epson America and Epson Canada. Shaun’s primary responsibility is front-end development using HTML, CSS, and Javascript but he has also done work in areas such as graphic/user interface design, Flash-based design/development, and web analytics.

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Hip Urban Girl's Guide

The Hip Urban Girl's Guide is a lifestyle website that was launched in 2010 to cater to busy city girls and their interests. Shaun designed the overall look and styles and built a custom blogger template for site. He continues to provide support for the site as well as designs banners and other graphical elements.

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Re-launched in May 2008, this site promotes Wayne Cho’s efforts to bring awareness to anxiety and depression-related illnesses. Shaun gave the site a face-lift with a new look and reorganized the information to make things easier to find. Screens (33k) [ Visit Visit in a new window ]
DNA 11 Banner Ads

Shaun was commissioned to create a set of web banners for DNA 11, the original creators of DNA portraits. The set featured a number of similarly designed banner images formatted to fit within the standard banner sizes used on the Internet. These banners were used in the company’s Google Adsense campaign.

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Audi R8 Calendar

Using various images collected from the web, Shaun created a 12-page, full-colour calendar suitable for printing.

Audi R8 Calendar

Over the years, Shaun has been involved with the WCRPG, an online role-playing game based on the Wing Commander computer game series. His involvement includes the development and management of the RPG’s website, which has allowed him to learn and experiment with various web technologies.

The current edition of the website features a clean, simple design and some basic ASP programming to allow administrators to update the site’s homepage.

WCRPG.COM Screens (37k)